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So your Friends loving bestie is getting married, what's next? Girl, she found her lobster and it's time to celebrate! Pull up a chair and let's plan.

This is such a fun way to get creative with the Friends theme and make it a little more personal. Amazon has so many lobster shaped items to pick from ranging from cookie cutters to plushies. Add a personalized tag and you've got the perfect party favor. Get creative with the food by incorporating food from the show (or stay on theme and serve lobster) along with the brides favorites. Luckily Friends went on for so many seasons that it's full of ideas and material.

This theme can easily look busy, so I kept it simple with just red and gold and then added in the famous Friends Purple to tie the theme together. I think it looks fun, but well put together. You could easily also add in black details to create some contrast.

Check out these personalized options.

Also, not to burst anybody's bubble, but Phoebe was in fact wrong and lobsters don't actually mate for life. Shhhhhh, let's not tell the bride that. I like Phoebe's version better anyway.

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