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One of the most important milestone birthdays in our lives is when we finally hit that long sought after 21. While at 18 you are technically an adult, it's when you hit 21 that you can at last order your own drink at the bar and purchase your first bottle of alcohol. Complete adult freedom finally!! Right?

Whether it's your own upcoming 21st birthday or that of a loved one, you definitely don't want to miss out on making this milestone extra special. If you need a jumping off point for themes and fun "finally 21" swag, I've rounded up some of my favorites for you below. Almost everything is on Prime on Amazon too so even if you're a last minute party planner ( I see you GF!) you can still make your party extra special.

Birthday Sash | Disco Cupcake Toppers | Disco Ball Plates | Disco Ball Cups | Silver Fringe Skirt Set | Champagne Glasses | Rhinestone Cowboy Hat | Balloon and Backdrop Set | Disco Ball Balloons | Disco Ball Straws | White Fringe Skirt Set | Rhinestone Boots | Glitter Fanny Pack Set | Silver Romper | 21 Can Coozie

Disco Ball Plate | Disco Ball Cups | Silver Fringe Garland

Birthday Sash | Feather Cowboy Hat | Fringe Cowboy Hat | Cowboy Boot Cup | Pink Boots | Pink Fringe Dress | Rhinestone Western Belt | Mini Cowboy Hat Bottle Toppers | Pink Tumblers | Pink Balloon Garland | Tinsel Fringe Backdrop | 21 Number Balloons | Cowboy Boot Balloons | Cow Print Tumblers | Disco Cowgirl Straws | Pink Cow Print Cowboy Hat | Cowboy Hat Shaped Cup | Rhinestone Trim Bandana | Cow Print Plates

Cowboy Hat Cups | Cowboy Boot Cups | Cowboy Hat Set of 6

Fake ID Balloons | Star Balloons | Pink Balloon Garland | Green Tinsel Backdrop | Test Tube Shot Glasses | Fringe Skirt Set | Lightbulb Cups | 21 Stickers | Rainbow Tumblers | 21 Straw | Birthday Suit | Light Up Boa | 21 Shot Glass | Light Up Crown Headband| Light Up Cowboy Hat | 21 Number Balloons | Birthday Sash | Drink Pouches | Ruched Pink Dress | Orange Tank Dress | Round Light Up Cup

Neon Drink Cups | Neon Balloons | Neon Sunglasses

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