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If you are Mexican or have a Mexican friend then I'm sure you know exactly what loteria is and you have at least one version in your home complete with a bag of uncooked frijoles (beans). If not, let me explain. Loteria is essentially the most popular "board" game in Mexico which can be compared to Bingo. However, instead of letters and numbers Loteria flaunts characters and everyday items such as "la bandera" (the flag) and "la rosa" (the rose). Those who are fancy have specialty markers to mark their card, but most of us scoop up a handful of frijoles, hopefully reserved just for gameplay, (but no judgement here! you do you boo!) and fill our card with our little beans. Basically, if you're throwing a Mexican fiesta and haven't included Loteria you're doing it wrong.

Not really, but you really should consider including this classic game or centering your entire party around this fun theme. I've put together some fun on-theme products to create the perfect Loteria themed party. And If you're looking into a more updated version of the game make sure you check out the Millennial Loteria game. It is such a fun way to enjoy this classic game and make it new again since, like most of us, you've probably already played Loteria a thousand times.

I've also included some free printable files for you to customize your party. Download, save, and print right from your own computer. To personalize these files you can download Canva and edit for free!

Download Tag PDF Below or JPG File HERE

loteria tags
Download PDF • 4.09MB

Download Water Bottle Label PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

loteria waterbottlelabel
Download PDF • 7.02MB

Download Banner PDF File Below

loteria banner
Download PDF • 11.54MB

Download Blank Invitation PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

loteria invitation
Download PDF • 2.25MB

Download Topper PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

loteria Cupcake
Download PDF • 3.87MB

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