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If you're currently planning a bachelorette party you may be overwhelmed with all the options and ideas out there. There are so many themes and products out there so its difficult to decide what is right for you and what will set your party apart. I love all of the options for personalizing your party/weekend that are available that can help make your bachelorette one of a kind, but there's A LOT.

Today, I'm breaking down some of my favorites and the best time to use them. First, pick your theme and party location. Need some help with a theme? I have a bunch of ideas and inspirations boards to help you make a decision over HERE.

I also have a variety of free printable files for you to download and create your own personalized party items. You can find anything from Invitation files to drink labels. Check those out HERE

Banners & Backdrops

So you've picked your theme and location, now what? I like to highlight your theme with a fun backdrop for pictures. This is a super affordable and easy way to really make a statement and provide you with some really cute photos. All you need is some balloons, a banner, and some type of background or tinsel curtain.


There are cute balloon banners, neon signs, and regular cutout banners that add the cutest touch to your photo setup. Use this to highlight your theme or the bride to be.


Something to remember with balloons is that you will always need more than you think so be sure to buy the bigger pack even if you think you don't need it. I like to use this handy little machine to easily inflate two balloons at the same time. You can use a large needle and fishing line to string your balloons or order some of this handy balloon tape for an easy option .


Tinsel curtains are a great affordable options or get a little fancy with a printed backdrop or DIY.


One of my favorite personalized items for a bachelorette are sashes. Stick to traditional styles with "bride" and "bridesmaids" labels or have some fun with sashes that celebrate the individual personalities of each. Have some fun with these!


There are so many different hat options you can pick from depending on your theme or city you're hosting your bachelorette party in.

Visors- Perfect for a pool party or the beach. Go trendy and current with an iridescent style or classic with a personalized straw version.

Cowboy Hats- Very on trend is the cowboy hat option. There are so many fun and creative versions available. You can personalize these with patches and rhinestones or pick a fun print to make a statement.

Baseball Caps- These are affordable, perfect for a variety of occasions, and always trendy. Personalize with initials or with bridesmaid labels. Baseball hats are always a favorite.

Sun Hats- Beach destinations are the perfect time to personalize a sun hat. Pick a timeless straw hat or go super trendy with a bucket hat


Fanny Pack- Trendy styles are available everywhere with personalized labels for your whole bridesmaid group

Tote Bags- Perfect for any occasion, but especially convenient for any out of town bachelorette trip as you can fill them with literally anything

Straw Bag- If you're headed to the beach or pool to celebrate then this is for you. Insta worthy personalized straw bags are the perfect gift for your girlfriends!

Makeup Bags- For something that is sure to be reused over and over again, I always prefer personalized makeup bags. Trendy versions with name and initial patches are a fun choice or go with a more affordable "bridesmaid" version. Either way, everybody is sure to love them and get so much use out of them!


This can include anything like sweatshirts, shorts, swimsuits and pajama sets. What you pick should just make sense to your theme.

TShirts- Everybody loves a themed t-shirt. This is something that will be reworn for years

Robes- So cute for pictures!

Pajamas- Another option for cute pictures

Swimsuits- The more I see this trend, the more I love it. If you're headed to a pool or beach destination, this is a sure way to get the most Insta-worthy photos!

Sweatshirts- Practical and perfect for those of us who are always cold

Sweatpants- Cozy vibes and perfect for a more low key weekend. Everybody loves a cute and cozy lounge set

Cups & Drinks

Straws- Grab some fun lettered crazy straws for the bride and crew or pick up some disco ball versions. These are perfect to make any drink more fun.

Can Coozie- The can cookie world has definitely had a glow up over recent years. You can get some fun personalized versions at affordable prices or get a bit more fancy with an insulated version. Either way, they're sure to impress!

Pouches- Drink pouches are so IN right now so don't sleep on this fun and affordable trend. There are so many different versions with personalizations available.

Cups- Or take the more classic route with custom cups that you can keep for years.

Custom Drink- While you're at it, name a drink after your bride or groom. It'll be a fun memory for years to come. Or pick up some personalized labels for champagne and wine bottles. I also love adding edible glitter to drinks for an adde touch.


Trendy sunglasses are a unique way to personalize your bachelorette party. Get the names of your bride and bridemaids on some funky shades or stick to the more traditional labels for a more affordable version.

Hangover Kits

I have an entire post about these HERE, but they are a nice touch and are lifesavers for recovery after a great night. Customize the bags and contents for your girlfriends.

Venmo QRcode Cards

Get people to buy the bride her drinks with these custom Venmo QR code cards. All people to is scan the code to send money to buy the bride a drink. These are genius and the safest way to get your free drink.


And lastly, don't forget to make a custom hashtag for your bachelorette party so you have somewhere to find all your pictures!


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