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Christmas parties don't have to be traditional in any sense. I love to have fun with color for parties and Christmas decor to give a unique look and energy from year to year. The availability of unique and affordable decor online makes it so much easier to do so and the wide variety of products makes it easy to find ways to reuse decor pieces and reimagine them for more unique themes down the line.

I like to call this Hoopla pink as it sort of has become my signature color and I find it to be a fun and unique option for a Christmas theme. Add trendy details like disco balls and garland basics that are perfect to add for your party decor arsenal for continued use.

I throw a couple Christmas craft parties every year so I would use this color scheme and theme for a cookie decorating party for girlfriends or a unique DIY craft. Add some Rosé and pink edible glitter along with pink sweets for the enjoyment of your guests and to stay on theme.

This is also a great jumping off point for a little girls Christmas birthday party. It feels magical, girlie and unique and I can't imagine any girl not being over the moon with this decor and color scheme.


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