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Everybody loves Friends, right? It is one of the few shows out there that I can rewatch over and over and still find myself laughing as if it's my first time hearing Joey's crazy antics or Phoebe's random musings. I think one of the things that draws people to the show is that we all know somebody who reminds us of each of the characters. Maybe not as exaggerated in personality as on the show, but we all know that type A, uptight and neurotic Monica (or maybe we are Monica. No shame gf!). We all know a Joey who hits on every man or woman (or both) that they encounter. Or a couple who is clearly meant to be together, but are always breaking up, ahem Ross and Rachel. Kooky and Unique? I see you Phoebe! WE are the people of Friends and it's so fun to laugh at that.

I can't think of a more perfect birthday party theme to celebrate one of your own friends. There are so many jokes and quotes to include in your party that are fun to throw in to see who can decipher them. Who is brave enough to try the trifle? Who can spot the "Nestlé Toulouse" cookies? Or turn your home into the Central Perk hangout. I've pulled together some of my favorite Friends party essentials to help you throw the perfect event for you and your friends.

I've also included some completely free printable files to help you customize your party. Plan your Friends party on any budget and personalize by downloading the Canva App for free. Download, personalize, print. That's it!

They are easy to download, personalize and print at home or at a Printer like Fedex Office. Personally, I use this printable sticker paper for printing water bottle labels and such and this cardstock for printing toppers and banners.

Download Topper PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

friends topper
Download PDF • 3.87MB

Download Water Bottle Label PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

Friends water bottle
Download PDF • 1.35MB

Download Central Perk Coffee Cup Label PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

Friends coffee label
Download PDF • 1.73MB

Download Tag PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

friends tags
Download PDF • 2.37MB

Download Blank Card PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

friends card
Download PDF • 775KB

Download Yellow Frame PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

friends bag label
Download PDF • 1.39MB

Download Banner PDF File Below or JPG File HERE

friends banner
Download PDF • 1.69MB

I have a favorite glue I've been using lately for rhinestones and patches that dries clear and dries fairly quickly. Also, when using iron on patches I always add this iron-on adhesive since I feel like most patches don't have great adhesion on their own. It is super easy to use (and super cheap!), just cut to size & shape and iron on to your patch and then remove the backing and iron on to your garment. I also have a favorite glue gun that I use and feel like I have to share because anytime somebody tries it, they ask for the info to buy it for themselves. This heavy duty glue gun has a low setting which is usually what I use. Are you sick of getting burned by your glue gun? I was too and have the scars to prove it! This one has the ability to be set to a tolerable temperature so that even if I do get some glue on my hand as I'm using it, it doesn't really cause me too much of a problem. It's a few dollars more than your average glue gun, but trust me it is so worth it! I've had mine for years and years and it still works great. I pair mine with these long glue sticks I buy in bulk on Amazon so I rarely have to replace it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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