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Now that Halloween is over it's time to start planning Christmas decor. One of my favorite traditions is picking a few new glass ornaments to add to the collection. Usually I add two that represent that year that's passed and a few funny ones. Last year I picked some to represent our engagement, including an A-frame cabin that looked super similar to the one we stayed at and got engaged in front of. The year before I picked one to commemorate the Dodgers World Series win and chubby forest animals for our cabin stays.

This year, however, has been extremely difficult and full of hit after hit so it's taking a lot more contemplation and research to find the right 2022 ornaments to add to the collection. I think it's the perfect time to add a bunch of funny and random baubles to remember persevering through a rough year. I planned to make just one graphic page, but I found so many I decided two would be ok too. Well clearly it escalated quickly and I ended up with four pages. I couldn't help it! And honestly I could have kept going, but I did find some self control. There are SO many good ones! So check out some of my favorites before they are gone and to guarantee they arrive in time for trimming your tree (or trees plural if you're a nut like me. No judgement here!)

This year we lost some greats which would make thoughtful additions to your tree. Queen Elizabeth, Leslie Jordan, and Betty White are some I'm considering. I also found this funny Post Malone ornament that makes me laugh and since I listen to his music on repeat for a great mood I think it would be a fitting purchase. Also, you can never go wrong with food ornaments! They are so fun and great conversation starters when spotted on your tree so don't be afraid to order a cooky shrimp or garlic.

I think I will be picking up a corn to commemorate the year of the "It's Corn" song as well as our beautiful Kitty's favorite snack to sneak out of the trash can. I don't know what it is, but did you know a lot of cats LOVE corn? It was one of the strangest things we discovered about her years ago after we took her in. She was a stray living in one of our bushes, but she decided we would be her family. She was well behaved and left human food alone mostly unless she smelled corn. She was an entirely different cat as soon as she got a whiff. She is on a diet free of corn products so, much to her dismay, she is deprived of one of her favorite foods. This year she was caught pulling a cob of corn out of the trash and munching on it and we couldn't help but laugh about her vigilante behavior. We'll be making extra effort to make sure the corn trash thief can't access corn again, but it's a memory from the year that I think I'd really like to include in our Christmas decor

As a big time DIYer and crafter, I am in love with this pink hot glue gun option. And did you see this amazing tape measure cutie above?! I also love the guacamole Molcajete I found at Anthro. It's so unique and reminds me of fun summer barbecues with friends. I make empanadas with my mom all the time and even though the one above is actually a pierogi, it looks close enough and feels like a nice choice for our tree.

I think I've narrowed it down to a few, how about you? I think I'm going to add a few more than usual this year because the search has brought me such joy.


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