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Another theme I had been dying to do is inspired by the movie 13 Going on 30. This is one of my favorite movies and offers so many opportunities for unique details. Whether you dress up in the infamous outfits or load your guest up with throwback candy like Razzles, this theme is sure to leave an impression!

For a more relaxed and casual night I'd recommend using this theme for a craft party. Pick up some small dollhouses (they're actually birdhouses) for you and your gfs to paint and drink the night away! These remind me of the dollhouse from the movie. Or if you're up for a bigger challenge, grab a couple of the doll houses I linked above and set out to not just paint it, but build it. You can do it gf!

Don't forget all your supplies! Apart from paint I use these plastic palettes that come in a set of 12 for painting parties and these brush sets. It's also important to pick up lots of glitter (wishing dust) to truly get that 13 Going on 30 feel. Other important options also include aprons, disposable placemats, glue, and extra details.

Speaking of throwback candy, I've also rounded up some of my favorites and other classics.


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