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A super trendy and fun birthday party that's popular right now is the Two the Moon space theme. I love how you can easily make this theme work for any child by changing up colors or details and layering to create a professional looking event.

I love creating spectacular balloon arches by adding textures and layers. It elevates your garland to a professional level while adding a touch of whimsy. For this balloon garland I layered different sizes and shapes of balloons with dried florals and LED lights. Get creative here and don't be afraid to add unexpected items.

I also used these same dried florals and a different LED light to create some beautiful centerpieces. I used paper filler inside of the box to cover the stand and foam, but you could easily add mini disco balls or candy. I further used the dried florals by adding them to an iridescent gift bag along with a star shaped tag that you can easily personalize. Fun, right?

Make your party feel even more cohesive and special by continuing to add the same touches throughout the party. Take your dried florals and add them to a moon or star shaped piñata. Add a few to some cute alien headbands and easily dress them up.

Don't forget to pick out some fun outfits for your whole family. Whether you pick a simple personalized t-shirt or a completely on theme uniform like a spacesuit this is an exciting and impactful way to tie your theme together. Finding hints of sequins, silver and iridescent pieces accessories are easy ways to shop your own closet to pull together an outfit without having to purchase a new piece...or check out some of my favorites below!

And finally, if you're looking to add some personalized details, check out my free downloads HERE!


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