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October baby showers can take advantage of the upcoming Halloween holiday with this super cute and spooky witch theme. I love the combination of soft pastel pinks and blues with a high contrast black. It is so trendy and interesting and can be achieved with things you might already have. Those witch hats hanging on your front porch? Move them to the kitchen! Those white pumpkins that could do with a fun coat of new paint? Paint them pastel pink or purple! Breathe new life into old halloween decor for this theme and reuse them next year!

These black battery operated candles are something that you definitely will be reusing year after year so this theme is also another way to get double use out of any decorations that you purchase. I love a budget conscious theme that takes the guilt out of buying party decor. The cost is a lot more justifiable when you won't just be tossing it in the trash after the festivities. Holiday party themes are my favorite way to get the best bang for your buck and still create fun, trendy, and instagramable moments.


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