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This post has been ongoing for a little bit because it feels like cute new items are constantly being released. It definitely feels like THE time for bachelorette parties! Whether you're staying in town or heading out to Nashville to celebrate your bride, there are so many fun and trendy items to elevate your weekend. I've rounded up some of the most popular trends I've been seeing lately.

Fanny Pack Sets

Fanny packs, belt bags, whatever you want to call them, are back and better than ever! They're the perfect gift for your bachelorette squad and easily available in so so many styles, prints and personalizations. Pick one that fits your them and personalize accordingly. You could even pick up some patches and add initials yourself!

Balloon Garlands & Backdrops

Dreamy Insta pics or it didn't happen! You can buy an all ready backdrop and balloon garland set on Amazon for the perfect photo op or piece together your own. There are so many different themes available

Cowgirl Hats

Howdy Cowgirl! Celebrate your bride in the most on-trend way by stocking up on cowgirl hats. There are so many fun and creative versions available to fit all color and stye preference. Pick from feathers, lights, patches and rhinestones or go classic to make for fun pictures and set your crew apart.

Trucker Hats

How fun are these? Wear them to the airport, beach, gym or around town. These are a super fun and simple way to identify your bachelorette squad.

Drink Pouches

One of the most surprising trends to come about over the past year are drink pouches. They have really grown on me and are a fun and easy way to carry your drink around. These are perfect for destination bachelorettes in cities like Las Vegas where you are allowed to drink on public streets. Personalized versions are easy to find and fit so many different themes.

Drink Cups

No open container rules where your party is taking place? No problem! Pick up some cute cups for while you're getting ready or lounging around the pool. Get them personalized or grab some stickers or patches and personalize them yourself!


Level up your drink game even further by adding a fun straw.

Drink Cozies

If you're planning on filling up your ice chest with canned drinks or beers then you've got to get some fun drink sleeves! These are affordable and an easy way to add a hint of your theme and make your drink just a little bit more special.


Hitting the town? Announce your bride with a sash that sets her apart. You can also get a fun sash for your entire crew!


These are fun for the pool or a beach destination. Buy personalized versions or personalize them yourself with patches, rhinestones and stickers.


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