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As the queen Shania says, "Let's go girls". My favorite trendy bachelorette party theme right now is definitely a mixture of the super girlie "Let's Go Girls" bash with a mixture of "Disco Cowgirl" thrown in. To get this look I like to combine a classic cowgirl print, pink and lots of disco silver accents. How fun does it look? Don't be afraid to go crazy with the tassels and rhinestones too, honestly, this theme is best tied together with a ton of those sparkly details.

Tinsel Garland | Fringe Backdrop Curtain | Tassel Bandana | Fringe Skirt | Cow Print Skirt | White Boots | Bride Sash | Pink Cowboy Hat Set | Pink Heart Sunglasses | Let's Go Girls Shirt | Fringe Sleeve Bodysuit | Disco Ball Balloon | Disco Ball Drink Stirrer | Let's Go Girls Balloon Set | Cowboy Boot Cup | Bride Straw | Cow Print Cowboy Hat | Let's Go Girls Napkin | Disco Ball Cupcake Toppers | Cow Print Plates | Disco Ball Plates

Disco Ball Plates | Disco Ball Cups | Cowboy Hat Cups

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