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I'm am so excited for the renewed excitement for all things Elton John! His style has always been such an inspiration for my creativity spanning far beyond fashion. His release with Britney Spears of one of my all time favorite songs of his, Tiny Dancer, is so exciting and fresh that is sparked some inspiration for a little girls birthday party.

When I think of Elton I immediately think of sparkles and sequins, but also space so I was thrilled to see that he incorporated silver rockets into his announcement of the new version of the song. From Rocket Man to Tiny Dancer, Elton's unique style definitely transcends this earth and into space so it is only fitting. I just can't get enough.

I have so many upcoming designs that are inspired by Elton John and I'm so excited to get them out to you, but for now let's get to this Tiny Dancer theme.

It is also really easy to find affordable and basic pieces from the dollar store or Walmart and give them the Elton treatment by adding rhinestones, sequin stickers and patches, or of course, GLITTER! I like to buy big packs of rhinestone stickers on Amazon and use them to spice up simple items. The best part is that it always looks like you spent more money than you actually did. Here's some of my favorite craft items to do that with.

I have a favorite glue I've been using lately for rhinestones and patches that dries clear and dries fairly quickly. Also, when using iron on patches I always add this iron-on adhesive since I feel like most patches don't have great adhesion on their own. It is super easy to use (and super cheap!), just cut to size & shape and iron on to your patch and then remove the backing and iron on to your garment. I also have a favorite glue gun that I use and feel like I have to share because anytime somebody tries it, they ask for the info to buy it for themselves. This heavy duty glue gun has a low setting which is usually what I use. Are you sick of getting burned by your glue gun? I was too and have the scars to prove it! This one has the ability to be set to a tolerable temperature so that even if I do get some glue on my hand as I'm using it, it doesn't really cause me too much of a problem. It's a few dollars more than your average glue gun, but trust me it is so worth it! I've had mine for years and years and it still works great. I pair mine with these long glue sticks I buy in bulk on Amazon so I rarely have to replace it.

So what kind of items do I recommend blinging up for your party? I love buying simple tumblers and decorating them for the theme. It's cute and is something your guests can easily take home with them and remember your party for some time to come. They are also fun to use to personalize an outfit for the birthday boy or girl. Create a denim or sequin jacket with letter patches, and stars. Get your guests in on the fun and create a station to personalize t-shirts with patches, decals and fabric paint. This is a great way to not only create a keepsake for them, but also add entertainment.

I've put together some printable files for you to throw your own Tiny Dancer Party. They are easy to download, personalize and print at home or at a Printer like Fedex Office. Personally, I use this printable sticker paper for printing water bottle labels and such and this cardstock for printing toppers and banners. Or get fancy and print on this holographic paper! I also have to recommend this simple printer I've been using. It is wireless and makes printing a breeze plus it is compact and easy to store if needed. I also have an ink membership with them that sends me ink when my printer tells them that I'm running low so I'm never out. As someone who regularly forgot to keep up with printer levels, this has saved me so much stress and frustration! Plus, did I mention that it's cheaper than constantly buying ink cartridges on my own (and they offer a paper membership option) This service has seriously been one of my favorite discoveries over the past few years!

Thanks for stopping by!


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