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I do several different Christmas trees throughout my home for Christmas every year. I like finding a unique theme for my office or girlie spaces so I've been trying to decide what I'd like to do this year. I know the "Let's Go Girls" trend is going strong and will continue to do so so I thought it would be a fun and unique tree theme.

Picking disco balls in silver gives you more options for reuse in the future for new themes, but the pink ones are so fun too! I also love the idea of cowboy boot stockings. There isn't a huge variety of them online, but I found a few that I really like. Reuse the disco light strands at birthday parties as well as the disco wrapping paper. These battery "neon" lights are also easy to reuse. Finding multiple and continued use of decor products always make me feel more justified in new purchases. I love getting more bang for my buck.


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